About The Traction Test

Where is your company on the road to Market Traction?

From concept phase, through product development and segment dominance, there are predictable milestones a technology start-up will pass on the way.

We specializes in helping technology companies address the sales and marketing challenges at each phase and accelerate the time to market traction.

Take The Test

Take 30-seconds to fill out the test below to pinpoint your current position on the road to market traction.

Once you're done, we'll show you the milestones you've passed and those that lie ahead. 

Is the product developed and ready for sale to a customer for a “live” deployment?

Have you sold, shipped, installed, invoiced, and been paid for your first product?

Do you have customers who are credible to your prospects?

Have you targeted a single market segment and are your sales people increasingly able to predict their closure rate for prospects in that selected market segment?

Do the industry analysts recognize your company as having the #1, #2, or #3 product in the market segment?

Are you the dominant player in the target segment?